Compare motorbike rentals in Bali
As a long time visitor to Bali (I have been coming to Bali since 1999), I was really amazed by how the motorbike rental business has changed on Bali over the recent years. From shady corner shop deals with passports being a security deposit now there are actually reliable companies participating in this business offering their motorbike and scooter rental services online.

Being a bit of a techie and still a big fan of discovering Bali on a motorbike I took some time to go over the motorbike and scooter rental websites that I could find available on Bali, you will find them listed below.

How did I compare all features of the 6 motorbike and scooter rentals in Bali?

Well, this was the part of where I thought it would actually be quite simple to just make a quick comparison. However, when I went over to the websites of the motorbike and scooter rental companies on Bali that I found through Google I never thought the list of items to compare would become this long.

Surprisingly there is one online motorbike rental store on Bali that I found to be quite significantly ahead when compared with all the other ones that I found. If you have a look at you will see that they offer a lot more services compared to the other online motorbike rental companies on Bali. Some are included in their motorbike rental price as where other services are available at a premium.

In contrast to the other motorbike rental companies they do offer motorbike delivery all over Bali, every motorbike or scooter gets delivered with a mobile phone holder and so the list continues. So… well done by those guys. If you are looking for a bigger bike, a good option to look at is Bali Big Bike, and they also have quite a number of add-on items. When you are going to rent a motorbike or scooter to explore Bali I hope that the comparison I have put together below can assist you in making your choice easier.

PS. Wherever you decide to rent a bike, always check online customer reviews to be sure you are dealing with a trustworthy shop.

Bali Bike Rental
Bali Big Bike
Bali Bike House
Bali Dirt Bike Adventure
1. Items included
Sanitized Helmets
Full Tank of Petrol
Extensive Quality Check*
Free delivery South Bali
Delivery all over Bali
24/7 Road Side Assistance
Unlimited Mileage
Mobile Phone Holder*
First Aid Medical Kit*
100% Eco Rain Poncho*
Short term rental**
2. Website & Support Features
Secure Online Booking*
Payments in cash
Cash only
Cash only
Cash only
Cash only
Instant Confirmation
Cancellation Policy
Not Mentioned
Online Chat Support
Offline Helpdesk
3. Additional Services
Motorbike Insurance*
Third Party Insurance
Pocket WiFi
Hard Case
Side Bags
Power Bank
Bali Bike Rental
Bali Big Bike
Bali Bike House
Bali Dirt Bike Adventure

**With short term rental I mean if it is possible to rent a bike for less than 5 days.

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    What a great comparison. The only missing part is the price. How those features affected to its price e.g. comparison of standard bike price without insurance. Cheers

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