Compare motorbike rentals in Bali
As a long time visitor to Bali (I have been coming to Bali since 1999), I was really amazed by how the motorbike rental business has changed on Bali over the recent years. From shady corner shop deals with passports being a security deposit now there are actually reliable companies participating in this business offering their motorbike and scooter rental services online.

Being a bit of a techie and still a big fan of discovering Bali on a motorbike I took some time to go over the motorbike and scooter rental websites that I could find available on Bali, you will find them listed below.

How did I compare all features of the 6 motorbike and scooter rentals in Bali?

Well, this was the part of where I thought it would actually be quite simple to just make a quick comparison. However, when I went over to the websites of the motorbike and scooter rental companies on Bali that I found through Google I never thought the list of items to compare would become this long.

Surprisingly there is one online motorbike rental store on Bali that I found to be quite significantly ahead when compared with all the other ones that I found. If you have a look at you will see that they offer a lot more services compared to the other online motorbike rental companies on Bali. Some are included in their motorbike rental price as where other services are available at a premium.

In contrast to the other motorbike rental companies they do offer motorbike delivery all over Bali, every motorbike or scooter gets delivered with a mobile phone holder and so the list continues. So… well done by those guys. If you are looking for a bigger bike, a good option to look at is Bali Big Bike, and they also have quite a number of add-on items. When you are going to rent a motorbike or scooter to explore Bali I hope that the comparison I have put together below can assist you in making your choice easier.

Bali Bike Rental
Bali Big Bike
Ubud Scooter Rental
Bali Dirt Bike Adventure
Amertha Dana Bali
1. Items included
Sanitized Helmets
Full Tank of Petrol
Extensive Quality Check*
Free delivery South Bali
Delivery all over Bali
24/7 Road Side Assistance
Unlimited Mileage
Mobile Phone Holder*
First Aid Medical Kit*
100% Eco Rain Poncho*
2. Website & Support Features
Secure Online Booking*
Instant Confirmation
Cancellation Policy
Not Mentioned
Online Chat Support
Offline Helpdesk
3. Additional Services
Motorbike Insurance*
Third Party Insurance
Pocket WiFi
Hard Case
Side Bags
Power Bank
Bali Bike Rental
Bali Big Bike
Ubud Scooter Rental
Bali Dirt Bike Adventure
Amertha Dana Bali
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    What a great comparison. The only missing part is the price. How those features affected to its price e.g. comparison of standard bike price without insurance. Cheers

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    Thanks very useful..BTW how do you earn from this website

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